The Do’s and Don’t’s.

So, lately, I have really been battling with myself. I am not a very vocal person when it comes to defending myself. I will let something make me completely furious inside, but I will sit quietly. And now that I have Wyatt, and people are constantly surprising me left and right with how RUDE they... Continue Reading →


To Those Watching. 

Stop staring. I know you hear him screaming, and you see me struggling to calm him down, and the look of panic on my face. Turn around. Stop watching every move I make.  Being a new mama has been the hardest thing I've ever done. Don't get me wrong, I love Wyatt with every inch... Continue Reading →

Furday! Furday! Furday!

It's the best day of the week - Furday! Our fur babies are more than just pets. They're loyal companions, they're listeners, they're cuddlers, and they most definitely make us laugh.  My favorite thing throughout the day is to walk in to the living room, and find Burban like this. I mean, is he possessed?... Continue Reading →

To you, Soldier.

I'm sitting at my kitchen table, holding my six-week-old baby, eating a cinnamon roll and enjoying a cup of coffee (thank you Maxwell House for never failing me). Coy is asleep in the bed, and his buddies asleep in the living room. Dixie Chicks are playing from my computer, and my dogs are outside raising... Continue Reading →


Friday. Fur babies. Furday. Get it? He ha ha. Funny. I am not creative enough for this.   ANYWHO. Fridays. The end of the work week for most, the glorious day that employees praise the sweet God above created. But for pawtasticlife? It's going to be about fur babies. Because who doesn't love fur babies,... Continue Reading →

Making the Motherhood Cut.

Pre-baby Kelli: Oh my gosh, babies are so cute. I really, really want a baby. They love to cuddle and smile and laugh at everything! Oh gosh, they're so squishy! I just wanna smooch their cute little cheeks! Post-baby Kelli: If my spawn of Satan craps on me one more time, I might actually punch... Continue Reading →

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