Friday. Fur babies. Furday. Get it? He ha ha. Funny. I am not creative enough for this.


ANYWHO. Fridays. The end of the work week for most, the glorious day that employees praise the sweet God above created.

But for pawtasticlife? It’s going to be about fur babies. Because who doesn’t love fur babies, right?

I’ll kick our first Furday off by introducing my knucklehead crew.

First in our line up – Burban. Code names? Sassy Britches. Twinkle Toes. Whiny Baby. Brat. Picky Ass. Get the picture? His missions? Barking at things that don’t exist, spitting out food that’s in his bowl but begging for the SAME food that’s in his sister’s bowl, and scratching the living crap out of your face while you’re in deep sleep just because he wants you to pet him. But, oh, do we love this spoiled boy. Burban is our three-year-old Australian Shepherd, and though he be big, he be chicken, too. I bought B when he was six weeks old, and he’s been my toddler-with-four-legs baby since. He loves belly rubs, ear scratchies, and food that someone else wants to eat. He hates storms and will tear through anything in his way to find somewhere to hide – my back door can vouch for that one. He has claimed Wyatt as his own baby and will go to extremes to check on him when he cries – except when there’s a storm. Well, baby Wyatt, if it’s ever just you and B and it storms, good luck. You’re just outta luck on that one.


Our second in command is Malibu, or Mali, or Fat Girl, Chunky Mutt, Black Dog.. Whatever just rolls off the tongue, because I promise you, she’ll answer to anything from anyone. We say she’s three years old, but really, we’re not entirely sure. My best friend brought her home one day when she was just an itty bitty little thing, and she’s been with me since. Like any usual lab, this blackie loves water. And food. She loves food. Loves it. If it doesn’t eat her first, she’s eating it. And loyal. Lord, this dog is the definition of loyal. She listens better than all the boys (my boyfriend included) and is always down for a good scratchin’.


Our rookie is Budweiser, or Bud. This dog.. Let me tell you something, this dog is the goofiest damn dog I have ever dealt with, and I have dealt with a LOT of dogs. We ain’t got the slightest clue what breed he is, or if he’s even just dog. The whole “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” shindig? Yeah, he “hops like a kangaroo, growls like a bear, eats like a pig, runs like a deer” and God only knows what else this dog is capable of. Dingy. Ditsy. Clumsy. Weird. I mean, I love this dog, but he has tested my patience beyond measure. But boy, is he sweet. Little sucker loves cuddles, and don’t catch yourself sitting on the floor if he’s around, because he’ll plop right down in your lap and believe me, you’re not getting back up until he wants you to. And he doesn’t want you to. Ever. This little goober was brought into the clinic I worked at with his brother and sister as pups, maybe seven or eight weeks old, and he was the most frightened one. He tried so hard to hide from everything, and I’m thinking, “I wanna bring this little guy home.” He seemed so laid back.. So calm.. So smart. Oh, how fooled he had me. I talk like he’s a burden, but I love that goof no matter how many socks he chews up. He’s maybe a year old, give or take a few month, and absolutely adores everything and everybody that he comes into contact with. I don’t think he has a mean bone in his body.




So that’s my crew. And one day, I plan on owning a rescue service. No dog deserves to be abandoned, no animal in general deserves to be left behind. I don’t care what your circumstance is, there are ALWAYS other options besides dumping them or abandoning them. But that’s my goal. Taking them off the streets, showing them love and affection, and finding good homes for them. I’ll get there one day. But for now, my three turds will do just fine.


Introduce your fur babies! How did you find your fur baby? What’s a funny story about your fur babies? Do you have an animal-oriented goal? Tell me all about it!

Until next Furday, happy blogging!


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  1. My mom is allergic to pretty much every animal except goldfish, so I’ve never been able to have a dog or cat even though I wanted one sooo bad. My boyfriend has a cat and I pretty much take care of him (he’s more of a dog person anyway). But your dogs look so lovable and friendly. I can’t wait to have a dog or two someday šŸ˜Š

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