To Those Watching. 

Stop staring. I know you hear him screaming, and you see me struggling to calm him down, and the look of panic on my face. Turn around. Stop watching every move I make. 

Being a new mama has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Don’t get me wrong, I love Wyatt with every inch of my soul, and I wouldn’t trade being his mama for anything in the world, but I am hard on myself about whether I’m doing the right things or doing a good job in giving him what he needs. 

And you probably don’t mean anything by it. You’re probably thinking, “That poor baby.” You’re probably not thinking that I’m a bad mom. You’re probably not thinking that I look scatterbrained and overwhelmed. You’re probably just thinking he’s upset. Nothing negative. 

But when you sit and stare at me, that’s the first thought that comes to my mind. That’s the first thing I see when I make eye contact with you while I’m trying to soothe him and he’s crying louder.

New moms are hard on themselves. New moms are constantly second-guessing every single thing they do because they don’t know what is right or wrong yet. I know I do. 

So please, do me and all other moms that feel the same a favor, don’t stare us down. Don’t whisper among your group. You may not see it as a problem, and that’s not your fault, but understand that I am trying and I am busting my ass to do this as best I can. And I really, really don’t need you to stare me down. 
Thank you. 


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  1. I bet you’re a perfect mom! I’m not a mother yet… I’m only 19 haha but one of my friends just had a baby. She’s 19 too and whenever we go somewhere together and we have her baby with us everybody stares like she is doing something wrong. I know it’s hard on her but she’s a great mom. Don’t worry about others… just keep being the great mom that you are! 💙

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