Who am I?

Hi, guys! Thanks for tuning in. I tend to be all over the place with my thoughts, so bare with me here.

I really hate typical, “Hi, I’m Kelli and I blah blah blah” introductions. How boring, right? I’m not JUST Kelli. I’m a mother, I’m a girlfriend, I’m a daughter, I’m a friend, I’m a whole bunch of things. I’m a writer, a thinker, and a coffee drinker (hence why I have just a smidge of sanity left in me).

But, for now, lets stick with the simples to get it over with and on to what’s really important here.



I currently reside in central Arkansas with my hunky hunk boyfriend of almost two years, three fur babies, and the light of my whole world, my little baby boy, Wyatt. I’m a stay at home mom, but one day, I plan on changing that to “rescue service owner.” I’m twenty-one, and a Scorpio. Rock on, fellow Scorpies.



My purpose for this blog is an endless list. Some times, it’ll be my venting diary to whine and cry about my day — who doesn’t need a let out some days? Some times, I’ll be posting advice (no way I’m claiming to be an expert, but there’s some things I feel passionate enough about to give my two cents). Some times, I’ll just post a picture of a sunflower because sunflowers are pretty and make me happy. Fair enough? Good, great, awesome.


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